***small/ wicked major amendment***

“To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power.”-Maya Angelou

You, my mother, are like a hurricane. You possess an unexpected and remarkable amount of energy, you are indestructible, and ALWAYS the “eye” to my typhoon. Yes, the calm to my crazy. Oh, and you certainly know how to get shit done!

In regards to that big day that we are merely hours from embarking upon, please know this…

Tomorrow after the aisle has been walked and the vows have been spoken… Tomorrow after the confetti flies and My name has been changed… Tomorrow after we have danced to the music and popped the champagne… Tomorrow after my cheesy face hurts from cheesing. Tomorrow after we have cut and “let them eat cake.” (See what I did there?). Tomorrow after each bobby-pin has been removed and my hair has been brushed out… Tomorrow after my face has been washed and my complexion isn’t quite as clean… Tomorrow after The Brunswick; a place where I truly grew up has been transformed into my “golden carriage…” Tomorrow after all has been signed, sealed, and delivered, I will remember…
I will remember the time, energy, and unwavering support you gifted me in preparation for this day. Remembering it will be easy, because this has been your legacy; it is within all that you have ever done and continue to do for me. I will look back with gratitude for the lessons we have learned side by side on being present and holding the moment; for this will be a day to truly do just that.

Tomorrow and days, months, even years after that, I will be overcome with emotion when I recall how the woman who labored me into existence and raised me, also delivered me into this newest chapter; in the book of my life.
You are the woman who has unfaithfully cheered for me from the beginning; my number one fan. The woman who has celebrated every sweet victory that I’ve ever tasted, and likewise walked beside me through the darkness of each blunder. The woman who has held me through each heartache and rebirth I have encountered. The woman who coached me through the delivery of my greatest accomplishment yet; Molly.
Being a mother, I know now that the way I live my life is the greatest gift I can give you… And I’m hopeful that my words strewn across these pages spelling out promises of how I intend to show up in the world will merely echo the love and gratitude I have for you in my heart.
Please know that tomorrow I will cherish the blessing that is you, and that you were able to be there with me; for I know not all daughters are afforded this.

I promise you that the magnitude of this day will not be lost on me. I promise you that as Jeremy, Molly, and I embark on our journey as a family I will be honest, kind, and loyal to them and to myself. I promise that I will learn from my mistakes (however rare they are), and as a result that I will continuously strive to do better. I promise that I will practice basking in our families moments of sunshine and likewise work to “steer the course” during the stormiest of our seas. I promise that together we will laugh, cry, dance, and play. Together we will practice authenticity, and when we do I will think of you. I will take great comfort in knowing what you taught me years ago, which is that I am never alone. On the days that I feel lost I will close my eyes, journey inside, and follow myself home. I know that I will never be without you; my North Star.
***On April 22nd the stormiest of all seas in the land approached the shore of Old Orchard Beach. The tides swelled, the current raged, and the ocean swallowed a tent that covered The Brunswick’s patio.
A woman wept inconsolably as her mother literally and figuratively held her, for days and weeks to come. Instead of preparing for a celebration they suited up for battle. An army of people who loved the woman and the woman’s family assembled. The woman felt weak but they knew with conviction that she was strong. They outfitted her with sturdiest of armor and they helped her walk forward.
When the woman inevitably stumbled her tribe of people helped her up. They lent her courage by sharing with her their stories of trials and triumphs. The woman believed her father, and was comforted when he told her everything would be ok. The woman looked into her mothers eyes and remembered; she was cut from the same mold. She then recalled all that her mother had survived and conquered in her time; and it ignited her fire within. She remembered the promise she had made to her mother about how she would show up in the world, and she held her head a little higher. She began to believe that the old sentiment must be true… Perhaps God really does give his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. 🙏🏼❤️

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