The Sun Will Rise

While on vacation this week I felt called to catch the sunrise… I eagerly arose as dawn struck the Jamaican sky; ensuring that I would have enough time to pick out the perfect place to record the horizon. The ocean waves crashed dramatically against the crust of the island; and a light mist of salt water began to gather on the lenses of my glasses. However, instead of blurring my vision, the taste, smell, and sound of the wind, earth, and sea, seemed only to illuminate, just what a fucking miracle this world is.

As I was waiting for the sun to rise, I couldn’t help but notice that I started to feel pretty impatient, (like the true American I am). While knowing how ridiculous it was, I still found myself internally questioning if the sun would ever rise. Knowing very well that every morning, (of all 36 years of my life), regardless of circumstances; the sun has steadily climbed its way, to the highest point in the sky. Why would this day be any different? The truth is, the sun will set and rise, regardless of my presence. What is destined to be, will be.

Naturally, I couldn’t help but think… What if I/we practiced surrendering to this notion of certainty in our lives, more often? What if instead of becoming anxious about things, we held that same sensation of certainty (we have regarding the sun), about the matters of our hearts!? What if we stopped spending so much time and/or energy chasing after things that we want, or think that are meant for us to “keep?” How about if instead, we held steady the vision embedded in our hearts, but authentically trusted the process?

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. completely let go of what you want the outcome of your love life, career; or general path in this world to be… Trust that the universe is truly conspiring in your favor. What is for you cannot be missed. In fact, staring at the sun is just like looking at your future… It’s so much brighter and grander than you could ever even imagine… looking at it or knowing about it would hurt, if you weren’t prepared/ready.

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