The Deep End

Days, moments, breath, life; becomes increasingly special when you begin to take into account, that none of it is guaranteed. When death, loss, or scarcity strike, it can be uncomfortable and painful; but what else do you notice? Arguably, nothing; you are consumed by your emotions.

Can you recall a time in your life when you faced the kind of adversity that reminded you, of just how significant your moments here are? If not, perhaps you can call into your minds eye, a person you cherish most in the world… Envision them and the all of the specific things that you adore about them. Notice the joy that floods you, when a smile pours over their mouth. Feel the love that your heart holds when you hear them laugh. Think about what you would do (and give) to protect them, to keep them safe… Then, if you will, visualize that they are now gone… Let it land. This is how we can bring into focus the actual value, (of the moments that accumulate), to make up the sum our lives.

We aren’t meant to escape tragedy. Our humaneness requires that we be reminded of how impermanent, (at least in this physical sense), life is. The mortality of our contentment, joy, sadness, and existence is continuously highlighted; forcing us into the present moment. It is however, up to us if we remain there…

I once had a therapist who encouraged me to want, make, and be more for myself. She often used the analogy of a swimming pool with me. When I perceived that dating, relationships, work, or life in general, wasn’t flowing like I’d hope she would say things to me like; “You gotta get out of that part of the pool.” She knew that I could swim and that wearing my arm floats, sitting on the steps of that shallow end, wasn’t serving me… On the days I’d walk into session, feeling like my life was over, she might even be so inclined as to tell me, that I needed to find a new pool all together!

Life is constantly working to wake us up. It throws us into the deep end because it knows we have the ability to endure; and be graceful about it (if we so choose). It’s up to us to decide if we are going to embrace or simply watch our time pass us by…

Choose the deep end.

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