Home for The Holidays

I got a letter recently, letting me know that Molly’s father will soon be released from prison. As it turns out he will be home just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving. Although I do have a lot of things to give thanks for, the irony of the timing is not lost on me… As reality […]

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Don’t Go Asking Jesus Why…

This has been the kind of week that leaves you questioning what day it is, and where you are supposed to be; regardless of how many times you check your calendar or clock. It’s been the kind of week where you find yourself a going through the motions… doing what it takes to survive… The […]

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Don’t Forget the Fork

Last Friday at 4:39 A.M. my phone alerted me that it had received a text message. I’m a pretty unpopular lady these days (at least in the adult world), and have also sucked at sleeping (for the past year and change); so it doesn’t take much to wake, or intrigue me… Of course, it was […]

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Thanks For The Memories

It’s interesting how cyclical our journey’s can sometimes seem. Things happen. Hard things, joyous things, terrifying, and beautiful things. And amidst all of these human experiences we often find ourselves either fighting to hold on, or aching to let go; of people, places, and objects. Change is the only constant in life, yet it becomes […]

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There was something really cathartic about unexpectedly stepping foot back into Maine district court today. I couldn’t help but recall the last time I was there, several months ago. My body seemed to viscerally remember the emotions and sensations, and how they almost swallowed me whole that day… I was so scared, sad, and seemingly […]

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Love is the answer.

This year on Valentine’s Day I am single. Make your own coffee, carry your own groceries, do all the laundry, sleeping diagonally across the bed, paying all the damn bills… kind of single. I have a roommate, but it’s still always my night to take out the trash, and my turn to do the dishes… […]

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Grief is a Symptom of the Heart

Things felt REALLY hard last week/ the week before… As the Thanksgiving arrived my strength felt as if it was shrinking. I consciously focused on all that I had to be grateful for, but it seemed to offer only fleeting happiness… I couldn’t shake or escape the inevitable emotional storm that was seemingly determined to […]

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