The Deep End

Days, moments, breath, life; becomes increasingly special when you begin to take into account, that none of it is guaranteed. When death, loss, or scarcity strike, it can be uncomfortable and painful; but what else do you notice? Arguably, nothing; you are consumed by your emotions. Can you recall a time in your life when […]

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The Road Called Forgiveness

“Forgiveness is for you, not the other person.” “Forgiveness will set you free.” “With forgiveness comes peace.” “You must forgive others in order to heal.” These quotes, thoughts, and ideas are so compelling… Compelling and incredibly annoying, if you ask me. Me, somebody searching for the elusive “light switch” labeled forgiveness… I want to continue […]

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My Closet

I was listening to the Tony Robbins podcast and I stumbled upon an interview that he and his wife did with Michael Singer; the author of “The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself.” I was drawn to it because it was titled “Do you want to be happy?” This three way dialogue did more than […]

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The Sun Will Rise

While on vacation this week I felt called to catch the sunrise… I eagerly arose as dawn struck the Jamaican sky; ensuring that I would have enough time to pick out the perfect place to record the horizon. The ocean waves crashed dramatically against the crust of the island; and a light mist of salt […]

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Let Go or Be Dragged

I once laid on the floor of a grown mans walk in closet; crying and begging him not to break up with me. He still said goodbye. I haven’t seen him since. That memory though… of me, in the fetal position, petitioning for a love that was incredibly wrong for me… I still see that; […]

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Beginning Again

The beginning of a new year seems to societally signal a time of reflection for things that have happened. How inspiring and/or depressing, depending on your most recent twirl around the sun… Depending, on what you choose to remember… How many of you have been through a bad break up, or a nasty life experience? […]

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Home for The Holidays

I got a letter recently, letting me know that Molly’s father will soon be released from prison. As it turns out he will be home just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving. Although I do have a lot of things to give thanks for, the irony of the timing is not lost on me… As reality […]

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Don’t Go Asking Jesus Why…

This has been the kind of week that leaves you questioning what day it is, and where you are supposed to be; regardless of how many times you check your calendar or clock. It’s been the kind of week where you find yourself a going through the motions… doing what it takes to survive… The […]

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Don’t Forget the Fork

Last Friday at 4:39 A.M. my phone alerted me that it had received a text message. I’m a pretty unpopular lady these days (at least in the adult world), and have also sucked at sleeping (for the past year and change); so it doesn’t take much to wake, or intrigue me… Of course, it was […]

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Thanks For The Memories

It’s interesting how cyclical our journey’s can sometimes seem. Things happen. Hard things, joyous things, terrifying, and beautiful things. And amidst all of these human experiences we often find ourselves either fighting to hold on, or aching to let go; of people, places, and objects. Change is the only constant in life, yet it becomes […]

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