The “Bilotta effect”

One time when I was in high school I had a science teacher who encouraged me to sign up for a college prep course that he was teaching. I remember looking at him and laughing as I explained that I wasn’t smart enough for that class. I was fast to point out by name, each […]

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P.s. It’s Friday

As the storm of my life begins to calm I’ve noticed that there seems to be something heavy about a Sunday. This last one was no exception and so I began to write, process; apply salve to my soul… Perhaps this feeling will fade along with my memories of “family fun day’s.” Maybe if I […]

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My Victim Impact Statement 

“Victim impact statements are written or oral information from crime victims, in their own words, about how a crime has affected them.” It’s said that victim impact statements can often play a part in the sentencing of criminals. In the sentencing of perpetrators like you. No one asked for my victim impact statement, but I […]

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Today Was A Day

The 14 year old girl that you sexually abused isn’t the only victim of your insanely twisted and appalling actions. My hands shake to type these words, the nausea takes over, my breath becomes shallow, and most notably my heart continues to break… but there, I said it. I’m sick of kindly curtsying around the […]

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Late in evening, early in the morning, in the middle of the night; it strikes without warning. Like a sucker punch to the stomach, it hits you; leaving you doubled over, and gasping for your breath… Like cement blocks tied to your arms and legs, It weighs you down, determined to keep you in bed. […]